Residential Comfort Survey
Comfort and Performance Survey
Name _______________________________________ Address_______________________________________________ Date_______________________________
Comfort Question Probable Cause Probable Solution Comments
Which room will be the warmest at 4:00 this afternoon? Or coolest at 7:00 am? Air conditioning system is out of balance. Test and diagnose the system,
test and adjust airflow
Do you turn up the TV
when the fan comes on?
Poor ducting, noisy system, high velocity Test airflow. Replace registers or grilles, modify duct system  
Does steam collect on your
bathroom mirror?
Inadequate exhaust airflow Measure exhaust fan airflow. Repair or replace exhaust fan or exhaust ducting  
Does anyone in your home have allergies, asthma or upper
respiratory problems?
Poor indoor air quality Diagnose system and evaluate building pressures and filtration systems  
Does your home get dusty within
two days of cleaning?
Poor indoor air quality due to duct leakage Measure system performance. Make needed duct system adjustments  
On hot or cold days, does your system run continuously to reach your desired temperature setting Poor system performance due to low airflow, or refrigeration or refrigerant charge Measure airflow, combustion or refrigerant performance. Correct airflow and then adjust system performance  
Have you had continuous problems with your system since it was installed? Poor quality installation or a
damaged duct system
Measure system performance, diagnose defects, renovate the duct system  
Do you have any evidence of excessive indoor humidity? Return air leakage or building pressures are out of balance. Test and diagnose the system,
determine needed repairs or
adjustments to the system.
Are your energy costs higher than
they should be?
Poor overall system and equipment performance. Measure system CSER or HSER™ to identify system renovation or adjustments that may be needed.  
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