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Planned Service Maintenance Programs: The importance of planned maintenance
Regular service of your equipment can save you thousands of dollars over the long haul in energy costs. In fact, as much as 30% per year! Regular service can extend the life of your system.

Carbon Monoxide and Combustion Diagnostics & Repairs
Carbon Monoxide is the #1 cause of poisonings in the U.S. Yet less than 5% of all CO Poisonings are reported! The safe and efficient operation of your heating equipment and other combustion appliances cannot be determined without testing using a calibrated combustion analyzer. Because the technology, instruments and training to do this testing correctly has only been available for a few years, odds are it’s never been done. Your service technician should be certified to properly test and diagnose potential CO exposure.

Airflow Diagnostics
Even though your air conditioning and heating system may be running, it’s not uncommon for it to be operating at half capacity.

Heatmaxx & Coolmaxx System Efficiency Measurement
Your home heating and cooling system may not be delivering the comfort and efficiency you’re paying the utility company for. HeatMaxx™ and CoolMaxx™ reports provide a preliminary snapshot of your comfort system’s delivered performance.

Air Balancing
The effectiveness of the equipment is entirely dependent on the amount of airflow. When your certified technician measures the airflow he can "see" system performance. With this information he can diagnose, repair and balance the duct system for maximum system performance. The end result is rooms that are the same temperature, cleaner air, better humidity control and real energy savings.

Additional return air openings
Solve many system airflow problems. Lack of return air is a very common problem for those systems that were either poorly designed or originally planned for heat only applications. Adding additional returns to your system allows for greater supply air into your home, resulting in better airflow and comfort for your family.
The benefits you will receive by taking care of this problem include: quieter operation, better airflow, fewer repairs, longer life of your equipment, lower utility bills and, best of all, greater comfort.

Duct Efficiency Testing & Renovations
A poorly performing duct system can cause air comfort problems, high utility bills and could become hazardous.

Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning
Perfect for milder climates, like we have in the Pacific Northwest, a heat pump is basically an air conditioner running backwards. During our heating season a heat pump takes heat from the outside air and moves it inside. During the summer, it does the opposite. Extracts heat from inside your home and transfers it to the air outside.

Gas furnaces can deliver reliable and economical warmth, We can install furnaces with high efficiency ratings and many are ENERGY STAR® qualified, which means they can significantly lower your utility bills, compared to conventional models. For optimal comfort and efficiency, a gas furnace can be combined with an electric heat pump in one dual-fuel system.

Indoor Air Quality
The EPA has determined that the air we breath inside our homes can be more polluted than the outdoor air. We carry many products to help you to Breathe easier in knowing that the air in your home is clean and healthy.

Earth Friendly Technology
Heat from the earth? It doesn’t get much more efficient than this.

Thermostats, zoning and more.