Planned Service Maintenance
What do you suppose would happen to your car if you never changed the oil? Or never checked the tires for wear? What would happen to your kitchen appliances or your washer and dryer or your household furniture, carpeting and even house plants if you never cared for them on a regular basis? And, what an expensive mess you’d be in if you never bothered with your home’s exterior! Like most people, you do take care of all these things. And, you’re probably at it constantly. Why? Because they’re valuable; you don’t want to lose them; and they’re right there in front of you all the time. You know when they need attention.

But, what about that thing in your home that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer...your heating and cooling system? You probably rarely see it and, even if you did, you wouldn’t know whether or not it needed attention! Of course, you’d know if it failed to provide heating and cooling, but without regular service, some pretty serious problems can develop in that equipment. What if you could connect with someone who would watch over every square inch of your heating and air conditioning equipment on a regularly scheduled basis? Someone who represented a company whose sole purpose was to become as familiar with you and your particular HVAC systems as you are to the rest of the things you care for in your home? Wouldn’t you be impressed if that company guaranteed your complete satisfaction?

Did you know that a neglected furnace could emit carbon monoxide? Hundreds die every year from this deadly gas. And, social status has nothing to do with it. Did you know that respiratory illnesses, allergies, viral infections and fatigue can be traced to neglected air conditioning and heating systems? Regular service of your heating and air conditioning equipment...the same degree of attention given your car or household furnishings...can eliminate these dangers and provide you the comfort function for which they were designed. Regular service of your equipment can save you thousands of dollars over the long haul in energy costs. In fact, as much as 30% per year! Regular service can extend the life of your system. Most systems are designed to last 10 years or more, however, a neglected system can fail in just a few years...resulting in a substantial financial loss. Call us today or click here to find out more about our Energy Savers Club Maintenance Agreement
Benefits Of A Planned Service Agreement

*Much longer equipment life.

*Discounts on repairs, every call, every time

*Savings in your pocket from improved efficiency.

*Improved indoor air quality.

*Priority Scheduling, even during the busiest times.

*Automatic reminders so you won’t have to remember

*To Sum It Up “Peace Of Mind”
New Homebuyers/Realtor Professionals Package

Gas Appliance Carbon Monoxide (CO) & Combustion Safety Check or Electric Furnace checkup

• Measure TESP (total external static   pressure). It’s like a blood pressure reading for   your whole system
• Test ambient air and all gas appliances for   CO
• Check vent pipe integrity & confirm proper   venting of flue gases.
• Check accessible piping for gas or water   leaks.
• Check blower assembly
• Check burners
• Inspect heat exchanger
• Check for burnt wiring and loose connections
• Check limits and safety controls
• Measure heat elements/strips amperage   draw
• Check water heater burner & pilot
• Check for proper installation/earthquake   strapping
• Check for safe water temperature & pressure
  Heat Only Optimax Precision Tune-up Includes all items in the safety check PLUS

• Now includes your duct system at no   additional charge
• Perform precision adjustments on your   heating equipment to get the most out of   every heating dollar.
• Clean re-usable filter or replace disposable   filters (customer supplied or tell us the size   and we’ll pick them up)
• Oil blower motor and inducer motor
• Clean burners and adjust as needed
• Clean pilot and/or flame sensor
• Measure pressure drops on system   components and compare to manufacturer   specs.
• Verify proper heat rise / make adjustments as   needed.
• Visual duct integrity inspection (easily   accessible ducts)
• Check thermostat operation
• Check water heater
• Check for tank sediment
  Air Conditioner/Heat Pump Precision Tune-up Includes everything in the first two packages PLUS

• Check filter & coil pressure drops, compare   to manufacturer specs.
• Inspect indoor evaporator coil, clean if   easily accessible.
• Measure indoor and outdoor fan amperage   draw
• Check condensate pump, line and trap.   Clear if needed.
• Inspect and clean outdoor condenser
• Verify electrical disconnect
• Measure superheat and/or sub-cooling
• Check for proper refrigerant charge
• Check and test compressor
• Inspect contactors for pitting
• Test capacitors
• Check for proper temperatures